I live next to Bag End

and I love it here

May it be...

Here I am...
In other words, the kid behind the blog. First off, if you're prejudice against short people, go away :D. I'm a short seventeen year old living in the hills of the NW. I have an excuse for some of the odd things I do... I'm blonde. But last time I checked I had an I.Q. of 113, so I'm not stupid :P. If you want to know what I like, look at my interests.
I'm that girl you saw at the skating rink with a cloak around her shoulders during the bird song. I'm the girl that you saw in the mall, putting on a fake Scottish accent. I'm that girl at the park who was singing the Phantom of the Opera by heart. I'm me.
With a sigh, you turn away. With a deepening heart, no more words to say. You will find that the world has changed forever. And the leaves are now turning from green to gold. And the sun is now fading. I wish I could hold you closer. - Arwens Song

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